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[LINE REVIEW] My impressions of the Polish branch, part 2

This is the 2nd part of the review. TL;DR: is in the comments down below.
Part 1:

53TP Markowskiego (tier VIII)

53TP is a step-up from the 45TP. The tank is starting to be more like the higher tier vehicles - turret armor is now truly great, the alpha damage is starting to be especially notable and it has surprisingly good accuracy and gun handling. However, the 53TP retains the higher mobility of the 45TP - in fact, the mobility is actually improved. In addition, the hull armor is quite unusual to the line - the upper plate is weaker than lower plate. This means that the entire front is thick enough to make the tank completely immune to lower tier vehicles, but in return is quite useless against higher tiers. The 53TP is like a good mix of the IS-3, VK 45 02 A and it's premium counterpart, 50TP prototyp.
Protection + Great turret armor, can bounce even tier 10s (especially when they don't fire premium).+ Lacks the overmatch weakspot on the turret like it's main competitor, 50TP prototyp.
+ Turret is mounted very far in the front which enables you to reverse sidescrape when needed.
+ Lacks lower plate weakspot; front is immune to anything with less than 180mm pen. Excellent at bullying lowtiers.
- Poor HP pool (1450).
- Overall frontal hull armor is poor since most of the time you face tier 8, 9 and 10 tanks and they can go through it no problem most of the time.
- Cupola is bigger than on the 50TP prototyp.
- Side armor is still relatively weak and lacks the "blackhole" armor that many Russian tanks have on their sides
- Rather tall and long silhouette.
Overall protection: 6/10 (average)
Frontal hull is very effective against lower tiers but lacks usability against same- and higher tier vehicles. Turret armor is great and can bounce even higher tier vehicles, which makes the 53TP very well capable of going hulldown. Turret is mounted very far in the front which allows you to poke corners effectively, or alternatively reverse sidescrape rather well. HP pool is lacking, though. This combined with long and tall silhouette means that the 53TP can die rather quickly if caught in the open. The survivability is an improvement over the tier 7, but it's still not particularly good
+ Great alpha damage of 420 blaze it .Can outtrade most heavies and mediums in the tier.
+ Great DPM, especially for the alpha. Reloads faster than the IS-3, even though the IS-3 has lower alpha.
+ Good accuracy.
+ Excellent gun handling for the alpha.
+ 122mm caliber allows it to overmatch higher tier Swedish TDs.
+ Good gun depression.
- Somewhat mediocre AP penetration and poor premium penetration.
- Aim time is rather poor, although it's better than other heavies with 390-440 alpha, and great dispersion values somewhat compensate it.
Overall firepower: 9/10 (excellent)
The gun is just amazing. You got great alpha, good DPM and good gun handling. You can not just outtrade people, but also out-DPM them. Outreloading and outtrading IS-3s is beyond hilarious. Gun has great snapshot capabilities as well, especially at close and mid-long ranges. Accuracy is good enough to reliably hit weakspots at close ranges, and unlike the 50TP prototyp, the gun rarely goes full potato mode. In fact, other than 20 less alpha (difference is barely noticeable since 420 alpha is still great), 53TP flat out trashes 50TP prototyp in terms of overall firepower. The only downside is (premium) pen which can be annoying thanks to tier 8 MM, but thankfully the 53TP has perks to work around with it and pen is way less problematic than what it seems like on paper, as long as you try to avoid fighting super-heavies head on.
+ Above average top speed of 40 km/h, just quick enough to play somewhat like a heavium.
+ While worse than it's predecessor, the HP/ton is still fairly decent and at least good enough to reach the top speed.
+ Good reverse speed for it's class (16 km/h), can get into cover pretty quickly.
- Rather poor traverse speed.
Overall mobility: 7/10 (good)
Mobility is pretty good for a heavy. Top speed is among the higher end of the tier, and the 53TP has just enough hp/ton to reach it. 53TP can play like a heavium to an extend, although keep in mind that it can still struggle to keep up with many mediums due to the top speed. Reverse speed is also good, which allows the 53TP to retreat very well for a heavy tank. The traverse speed is fairly lacking, though, especially when compared to the 50TP prototyp.
- Awfully long and tedious stock grind.
We go back to torturing stock grinds with the 53TP. You need to research turret, tracks, a completely useless 122 mm D-25T clone, and only THEN you can research the top 122 mm gun. You have the 45TPs 105mm when stock, which while its not completely awful due to the improved gun stats, is still a bit lacking with only 220ish gold pen in current tier 8 matchmaking. Stock turret also has a lot worse armor than the top one so there's that. The 122 mm D-25T is literally worthless, it's inferior to the stock gun so don't use it. I seriously feel like WG literally threw the gun there to make the stock grind even worse, which would encourage players even further to buy gold and convert free XP. I mean, why else would they force you to research a gun that is inferior to the stock gun? Disgusting.
Equipment, crewskills, etc.
Rammer + VStabs + Optics
Rammer + VStabs + Vents.
First two are mandatory on any heavy tank. As the 53TP has kinda average 370 m view range, whether you want to use Vents or Optics depends on your crew. With a poor crew, you struggle to reach good view range even with Optics, so you can just use Vents to improve gun stats. Optics is preferred once your crew is good enough, though. 53TP gun stats are already good, anyway, so Optics is generally more helpful than Vents most of the time.
Repairs and Sixth Sense should be the first skills for obvious reasons.
How to play it
The 53TP is a very versatile tank and can pick up various roles depending on the matchup. There are some general rules in each one of them, though: use your gun depression and turret when possible, try to fight tanks with lower alpha and/or DPM and don't rely on your hull armor too much.
When top tier, the 53TP's armor is actually quite scary and it can play like a true heavy tank. Unlike the rest of the line, the 53TP lacks lower plate weakspot - in fact, the lowerplate is slightly stronger than the upper plate. This means that the lower tier vehicles, especially tier 6s, are going to seriously struggle against you. In addition, your turret armor is great and while the side armor is still pretty poor, it is significantly better than on the 45TP. It is recommended to avoid sidescraping with this tank. Instead, just angle your front when fighting on corners. Your front can reach over 200 mm protection when angled a bit. Be careful, though, because overangling may leave your drivewheel exposed. The gun is absolutely brutal against lower tiers - you can 2-shot any tier 6 medium and even some heavies with a highroll. Good DPM and snapshotting capabilities further improves this trait.
Most of the time you won't be top tier, however. The frontal armor is practically worthless against many same tier vehicles and especially tier 9-10s. With this in mind, most of the time you play like a 2nd line support heavium. The 53TP has rather lacking penetration, but thankfully, it's reasonably mobile. The 53TP is just fast enough to follow mediums (not really keep up with them, but at least follow them) to be able to play like a heavium. This combined with great gun handling, good gun depression and good turret armor compensates the lacking penetration to the point where it's a significantly smaller problem than it seems like a paper. Still, the premium pen is poor enough so that you are simply helpless against many tier 10 heavies. Generally you try to avoid tanks like Type 5 Heavy at all costs.
The 53TP works best in ridgelines, where it can hide it's hull and expose it's turret that is strong enough to bounce even tier 10 standard rounds. You poke a ridge, shoot, retreat and repeat. The 53TP also has pretty good reverse speed so it can do this rather effectively. Furthermore, the gun handling means that you can snap your shot rather well, which is something the 50TP prototyp can't do very effectively. The 53TP works best against targets it can easily pen and easily outtrade with it's alpha damage, which is why it's very effective against opposing medium tanks. Not only you outtrade them, but you sometimes also out-DPM them. When fighting against heavies, the DPM is good to keep in mind. For example, you actually out-reload the IS-3, even though you have higher alpha. There are some heavies that have even higher alpha than you, but your reload is quick enough so you can easily put in a 2nd shot when they are still reloading. Keep in mind that your armor isn't very good outside from the turret and your HP pool is limited, so you have to rely on your gun to out-trade your enemies. Using heavier allies as meatshields can be very useful.
The 53TP is just fast enough to relocate when a flank is collapsing. It can even snipe when needed. However, the penetration is somewhat lacking and the accuracy, isn't perfect, so sniping isn't recommended if it isn't mandatory. While the 53TP does have MT-like attributes, it still has bad camoflage like heavies generally do. It is capable of flanking stuff, but keep in mind that the traverse speed is lacking, so circling isn't really possible most of the time.
Overall, the 53TP is a great, versatile vehicle. Tier 8 MM is harsh, but if played properly, the 53TP can hold it's own even when constantly matched against higher tier vehicles.
Overall opinion about the vehicle
First tank in the line that actually feels like a fun and competitive vehicle.
Very comfortable to play for a tier 8 heavy. You get one of the most hard hitting guns in the tier but at the same time you have good gun handling AND good DPM. The gun is extremely satisfying to use even with the rather poor penetration it has.
I feel like that in good hands this tank is actually stronger than it's premium counterpart. I do have slightly worse stats with the 53TP than the 50TP prototyp, but keep in mind that I grinded most of the 53TP like a brainless zombie during the yeah :p. It's slightly harder to play because of worse armor and gun depression, but overall I would say it's a stronger vehicle. Which is great, since it somewhat confirms that WG is more or less moving away from the "slightly P2W" policy that they have had with a lot of tier 8 premiums introduced in last 2 years.
Didn't keep it because I needed credits and tier 8 MM is still tier 8 MM...but this is one of the very few non-premium tier 8s that I could consider a keeper. And trust me, there really aren't many of those these days. I simply despise the tier 8 MM. Since they offered an extra commander for this tank...maybe some day I'll rebuy this thing and 3 mark it.
Definitely a lot of fun, can recommend.
Overall rating: 8/10 (very good)

50TP Tyszkiewicza (tier IX)

Coming after the 53TP, the 50TP sits at tier 9. Oddly enough, it resembles the premium tank a lot more than the 53TP - both 50TPs have rather potato accuracy but great alpha damage and very similar armor layouts. Compared to it's premium little-brother, the 50TP trades extra gun depression at sides, great traverse speed and lower profile for being at a better tier, having a lot higher HP pool tier-for-tier and arguably having even more nasty alpha for it's tier. The 50TP is slower than the 53TP, which means it no longer can play like a heavium, making it a bit more dedicated as a trading hulldown heavy.
+ Excellent HP pool at 2000.
+ Great turret armor, can bounce even premium rounds rather well.
+ Upper plate is very heavily angled and will ricochet basically every non-HE/HESH shell in the game.
+ Lower plate is strong enough to bounce tier 7s and some tier 8 mediums.
+ Exposed tracks, which makes the tank harder to track + damage at the same time since shooting the drivewheel most of the time results in a no-damage hit.
- Driver's hatch weakspot is quite large and most tier 9 and 10s will go through it.
- Unlike rest of the line, it has two cupolas instead of one.
- Turret ring is exposed and a weakspot when angled, which makes sidescraping pretty hard. However, the turret is placed quite far in the back, which makes poking corners in return rather tricky. This combination makes the tank very awkward on corners.
- Ammorack is prone to damage.
Overall protection: 7/10 (good)
The armor layout is very similar to it's premium little brother, the 50TP prototyp. Very resilient turret and auto-ricochet upper plate coupled with weak side armor, similar weakspots (cupolas, turret ring and driver's hatch). In addition, the 50TP gets 2000 HP, which is 3rd highest of all tier 9 HTs. The hull armor is more "troll" than the 53TP, but is also more unreliable - sometimes you bounce everything, and then next game it's just useless. The turret armor is great, but it has two cupolas that are bigger than on both the 50TP prototyp and 53TP, so be careful. When gun depression is used, though, the turret armor is very effective. What holds the tank back is the turret placement combined with the turret ring weakspot, which makes using the 50TP on corners a problem. It can bait a shot with its exposed tracks, but it's rather risky since you can still get tracked + damaged as long as the angle is right.
Overall, the 50TP has holes on it's armor but the turret armor and HP pool make it rather survivable.
+ Excellent alpha damage at 560 - 2nd highest in the tier after the Type 4's 14cm gun.
+ Good DPM, especially for it's alpha.
+ High caliber of the gun allows the tank to overmatch Swedish TDs.
+ Good gun depression (-8).
- Poor dispersion values and long aim time.
- Sub-par accuracy.
- Premium penetration is below-average, although it's better tier-for-tier than the 53TP.
Overall firepower: 7.5/10 (good)
The best feature of the gun no doubt is the gigantic alpha damage. 560 is the 2nd highest in the tier, with only the Type 4 Heavy having higher with the 14 cm gun. 560 alpha allows the 50TP to outtrade even many tier 10s, which makes it a force to be reckoned with. The penetration isn't special, but it's good enough to deal with the most targets the 50TP faces. In addition, the 50TP has pretty good DPM, having only slightly longer reload than 490 alpha heavies such as the E 75.
However, the gun isn't perfect. The gun handling is significantly worse than it's predecessor, with aim time being longer and turret bloom in especial being much worse. It also has worse accuracy, which can make the gun rather unwieldy at even mid-long distances. Furthermore, the premium penetration is still somewhat lacking, which means that the 50TP can somewhat struggle against heavily armored targets.
Fun fact - with the stock turret, the 50TP actually has significantly better bloom on turret traverse than with the top turret. Since this is only present with the 130mm gun, and as the bloom is identical to that of the stock 122 mm gun, I am fairly sure that this is an unintentional mistake. Then again, the Polish tech tree is full of suspicious things, soooo...
Overall, the 50TP has punchy, powerful gun that can be very nasty at close range, but is generally a bit derpier than earlier tanks when it comes to the accuracy and gun handling.
+ Can reach the top speed and maintain it.
- Poor traverse speed - doesn't have the amazing traverse speed like the 50TP prototyp.
Overall mobility: 5.5/10 (below average)
The 50TP is somewhat sluggish and it's mobility is just below average for it's class. Top speed, reverse speed and power to weight ratio are among the average in it's tier. Traverse speed is pretty lacking, though. The 50TP doesn't turn very quickly like the 50TP prototyp, which means it's easier to circle and flank. It can't relocate very effectively but can at least somehow do it unlike some truly slow super-heavies. The 50TP is quite average when it comes to the mobility, except for the acceleration and traverse speed, which are just slightly below average.
+ Can mount the 130 mm right away with the stock turret and tracks.
- Mediocre view range.
The stock grind is much more comfortable than the earlier vehicles. If you can save up ~60k free XP, you can get a tank that isn't that much worse than it's elited version. The stock turret is not perfect, though, as it has worse armor and the hard stats of the gun are worse (although weirdly enough, the turret bloom is BETTER). The stock gun has good combination of the stats like the 53TP, but the penetration is just awful at tier 9. Like most of the Polish tanks, the view range is below average.
Equipment, crewskills, etc.
Rammer + VStabs + Optics.
Rammer + VStabs + Vents.
First two are a must on any heavy tank. The 3rd option is up to preference. Unlike on the tier 8, I actually used Vents on this one, since the gun stats are noticeably worse and I felt like improving those were more useful than improving the view range. Optics is still a perfectly fine option, though. Since the aim time is 3 seconds, GLD is also a valid option.
Sixth Sense and Repairs should be the first crew skills, since the 50TP is a heavy tank. Smooth Drive + Snapshot are both very useful as the 50TP's bloom values are pretty poor compared to it's predecessor. View range skills are recommended especially if you run Optics to make sure you hit 445 m view range. Safe Storage is recommended as just like rest of the line, the 50TP suffers from ammorack issues.
How to play it
While there are still multiple ways to play the 50TP, it's bit more one-dimensional than it's predecessor. The 50TP is too slow to play like a heavium, and it cannot play mid-long ranges as well due to the worse accuracy and gun handling. With improved alpha and HP pool, the 50TP is more dedicated on the hulldown-outtrading playstyle.
That being said, if you have the 50TP prototyp and have any idea how to play it, then the 50TP should feel just fine. The 50TP is literally like it but on steroids - it has very similar strengths and weaknesses, and the general playstyle is very similar. The tank is more efficient on ridgelines, where it can use it's turret armor and -8 gun depression. You poke a ridge, blast your opponent for 560, and you retreat. You can't snapshot like the 53TP, so aim a bit longer. Once you hit, though, it really hurts. Same rules apply here - try to focus on targets with poor armor and/or lower alpha than you. Fortunately, since your alpha is so massive, you can outtrade almost anything that is not a TD. Just like with any hulldown-based tank, arty is bane to your existence, so keep note where enemy arties are after firing you.
The 50TP can work on corners as well; however, there's one glaring flaw that is also present with the 50TP prototyp: the turret placement combined with the armor layout. The turret ring seriously sticks out and it's rather obvious visually, too. It's basically impossible to hide when you sidescrape. Furthermore, both sides of the turret have a cupola, so there's no possibility of poking a side where you can hide your cupola. Because of this, the 50TP is a poor sidescraper and sidescraping should be avoided. The only case where sidescraping is recommended is when you fight tanks that can't pen your turret ring (tier 7-8s) or when you really have to bounce and then rely on your luck. On other hand, poking is tricky as well - turret is placed very far on the back. This can be especially awkward when coming from the 53TP which has the turret very far in the front. Because of this, it is best to poke when the enemy is reloading, or simply just trade with your own HP, especially if your target has significantly less alpha than you.
When top tier, the 50TP can lead the charge, since lower tiers will struggle to pen you, sometimes even from the lower plate. Other than that, though, the lower plate should be always hidden when possible. It's huge and thus fairly easy to hit.
The playstyle of the 50TP is fairly simple - it's clearly meant to trade with other tanks. It has great HP pool and huge alpha damage, with good gun depression and turret armor. It has just the right tools for this purpose.
Overall opinion about the vehicle
It's a good, capable tank.
It's my best performing tier 9. Despite that, I didn't feel like it was super-strong or anything. I think the tier 8 is stronger tier-for.tier for sure, just because I consider the whole package to be better and way more comfortable. Just like with the 50TP prototyp, I dislike the turret placement combined with the turret ring the most about the 50TP. In fact, it's even worse with the 50TP, because the turret ring is more exposed when sidescraping. The gun's derpiness was rather annoying at times as well, but it is more than reasonable considering how brutal the gun can be in the right situation.
I imagine this thing to be quite similar to the T30, just less polarized than it. Both have good alpha damage, good turret + depression but rather poor hull and derpy guns. That's the best comparison I can make, since the 50TP doesn't really play like any other tier 9 heavy. It resembles the ST-I, but in reality is completely different.
It was still fun to play overall, just not as fun as the tier 8. Tier 9 is a quite good tier when it comes to both balance and MM, though. For most players, I imagine the 50TP being more fun and easier to play than the 53TP. If you are looking for a tier 9 keeper, this thing is not a bad option. However, I didn't keep it, since I needed the crew and credits for the next vehicle...and I just felt like the next vehicle is even more worth it.
At least it's not a M103.
Overall rating: 7/10 (good)

60TP Lewandowskiego (tier X)

Crown jewel of the branch, the 60TP sits at tier 10 and is a naturally a logical continuation to the 50TP. It has a great HP pool, improved armor over it's predecessor, good gun depression values and passable but rather mediocre mobility. Most important feature however is the very meaty 152 mm gun with the highest alpha damage of all heavies in the game, tied with the E 100 and VK 72.01 K, and for such a big gun, it has surprisingly decent gun stats and DPM, which makes the gun very scary and very satisfying to use. 60TP fills the niche of hulldown-based semi-superheavy with a hard hitting, powerful gun. It can outtrade most tanks in the game, with exception of some TDs.
+ Very high HP pool at 2600; 4th highest in the game after the Maus, Type 5 Heavy and E 100.
+ UFP is very well angled and will bounce practically everything.
+ Cupola and turret ring weakspots are notably less significant than on the 50TP.
+ Very strong turret armor, will bounce most things and it has very large areas that are immune to even JP E100 HEAT shells.
+ LFP, while weak, is small and not particularly easy to hit.
- LFP is very weak, 183 HESH can pen it and even tier 8s can pen it.
- While better than predecessors, the side armor is still weak. Overangling the tank easily results in penetration.
- Retains the drivers hatch, cupola and turret ring weakspot from the 50TP, although they are significantly smaller and/or stronger.
- Turret has very small holes which means 60TP's turret may sometimes (although rarely) get randomly penned even when hulldown.
- Ammorack is prone to damage.
Overall protection: 7.5/10 (good)
60TP is bulky and can survive for rather long. HP pool is excellent, which allows the 60TP to take hits even when it cannot use it's armor very effectively. UFP is strong and will bounce basically anything, which punishes poorly aimed shots. LFP is weak, but it's relatively small so it's hard to hit at long ranges. 60TP "can" sidescrape, but there are areas on the sides that can be penned with HEAT shells. Because of this, sidescraping should be done only when necessary (and that is when you have to bait a shot by yourself and you can't hulldown). Generally you can just poke and trade, especially against tanks with lower alpha. 750 alpha gun gives the tank fear factor which means that the enemy may panic and miss your weakspots when you decide to poke. Hulldown position is where the 60TP is the best. Turret does have some small holes, but overall the turret is very strong especially at long ranges. Despite the excellent turret, the 60TP is not as good at facehugging as it would initially seem like, as the 60TP has a driver's hatch and cupola weakspots. Facehugging is still recommended when you have no better options, though.
Overall, the 60TP has a fair amount of weakspots and rather poor side armor. However, because of the great HP pool and turret armor, it's overall durability is no doubt respectable and it can survive for quite long. The armor layout rewards good positioning and somewhat intelligent play...which is something as many armored heavies these days have very braindead layouts.
+ Amazing alpha damage at 750, tied with E 100 and VK 72.01 K for the highest alpha of all heavies in the game (not counting HE).
+ Good turret bloom values, especially for a gun with gigantic alpha.
+ Relatively good accuracy and shell velocity for it's alpha.
+ Surprisingly decent DPM considering the alpha.
+ Great HE shells with good penetration (90mm) that allows the gun to function as a pseudo-derp when needed.
+ Very large caliber allows the 60TP to overmatch 50mm thick plates - this includes significant stuff such as big chunk of UFP of the Strv 103B.
+ Good gun depression and elevation.
- Mediocre AP pen and poor HEAT pen.
- While the DPM is rather decent, the reload is still pretty long. Bouncing or missing a shot can hurt a lot.
- Rather long aim time, although good bloom values somewhat compensate it.
- While the accuracy is reasonably good, it's not perfect and coupled with mediocre penetration, the gun can be somewhat wonky at very long ranges.
Overall firepower: 8 / 10 (very good)
This gun is just very powerful and no doubt the strongest feature of the tank. 750 alpha alone is a very strong tool on a heavy tank - 60TP can easily outtrade any medium and almost any heavy tank in the game, and even some TDs. One would expect other stats of the gun to be poor because of that - but that's not the case. 60TP also has good gun handling, relatively decent accuracy, velocity and even the DPM is relatively decent for gigantic alpha. The 60TP also gets really solid HE shells with relatively good penetration. They are strong enough to do a decent chunk of damage with non-penetrating hits, which allows the 60TP to function as pseudo-derp tank. Generally a well-aimed AP/HEAT shell is more rewarding than HE. However, HE shells can be especially useful in some matchups with a lot of heavy armor and long-ranged frontal engagement, such as Karelia.
The only somewhat major downside of the gun is the lacking penetration, more specifically the HEAT penetration. This can make the gun somewhat let-down in head-on fights against other heavily armored heavies. HEAT shells may bounce from stuff like slightly angled E 100's turret and IS-7's angled upper plate, which are most of the time penetrated quite reliably by 330/340 HEAT. Among with that, the aim time is rather long, but it generally isn't an issue considering the good bloom, accuracy and gigantic alpha damage. While the reload isn't particularly bad for it's alpha, it's still long enough that misses or bounces can be relatively frustrating.
Whenever the 60TP doesn't have to deal with super-heavies, the gun is just fantastic. It can be frustrating sometimes because of the lacking HEAT shell and long reload (missing our bouncing can be painful). Most of the time, though, the gun is pretty satisfying to use and is what makes the 60TP fun to play.
+ Better mobility than majority of the other heavies with this kind of HP pool.
+ Can reach the top speed and maintain it.
- Rather poor terrain resists.
- Poor traverse speed.
Overall mobility: 5.5/10 (below average)
Just like the 50TP, the 60TP is somewhat sluggish and it's mobility is just below average for it's class. Top speed and reverse speed are among the average of tier 10 HTs, as well as engine power. Traverse speed and terrain resists are pretty mediocre, though, so the 60TP feels overall quite sluggish but at least it's not dreadfully slow like true super-heavies. It can't relocate very effectively but can at least somehow do it unlike some very slow tanks like the Maus. Basically, the 60TP is a heavy tank and when it comes to mobility, it certainly feels like one.
+ Like most of the tier 10s, doesn't have a stock grind.
- Inferior view range than most tier 10s, which means that it's harder to reach 445m view range without Optics.
Unlike the E 100, the 60TP doesn't have a stock grind, so you get the 750 alpha gun right away. View range is worse than most tier 10s, which means that running Optics is generally recommended (the 60TP doesn't have major issues with accuracy, DPM or gun handling, anyway).
Equipment, crewskills, etc.
Rammer + VStabs + Optics.
Rammer + VStabs + Vents.
First two are mandatory on any heavy tank. I prefer Optics since it's hard to reach max view range with Vents, and the 60TP doesn't have big issues with the accuracy, gun handling and DPM, anyway. The 60TP is a hulldown tank, so having a good view range can be particularly helpful. Vents is still a viable option at the 3rd slot if you don't care about view range, though, as all around boost is still nice. Since the aim time is rather long, GLD is also a viable option since the aim time is rather long but the gun handling itself is decent so GLD is overall inferior to Optics or Vents.
Sixth Sense and Repairs are mandatory and should be prioritized over other skills. Safe Storage is recommended due to ammorack issues. View range skills are helpful, as the 60TP has below average view range. Smooth Drive, Snapshot and BiA are useful to maximize the gun performance. Since the 60TP has very big gun which means great module damage, running Deadeye could be considered to increase the chances of cheesy ammoracks, but not before more useful skills (basically anything mentioned before) are applied first.
60TP burns very rarely so running food consumable is a valid, rather low-risk option, as long as you can afford it.
Since the HE is rather strong and can be helpful in some scenarios, I recommend to load a couple of HE shells. The ammo capacity is much lower than that of the E 100, but the 60TP still won't run out of shells very quickly. I personally run 6 HE shells, although running 4-5 is still reasonable if you're really afraid that you run out of the AP and HEAT shells. However, I recommend to load at least 4 of them.
How to play it
Playstyle is generally pretty similar to the tier 8 premium and tier 9 - a rather versatile, bulky ridgeline heavy with great alpha. Just like with the 50TP, playing the 60TP isn't all that complicated.
60TP works best at ridgelines. Just expose your strong turret and use your gun depression. Turret has some (albeit very small) weakspots, but the turret is very hard to go through when the 60TP is in hulldown position. Be careful with arty, though - 60TP doesn't take arty hits very well. Because on hulldown fights engagements are typically a bit longer, it is recommended to fully aim your shots whenever it is possible. You want to make your shots count, because your reload is long. 60TP has pretty strong HE shells, which means that it can directly take on other hulldown tanks such as Super Conqueror. Most hulldown tanks have much smaller guns which means much weaker HE shells, so a HE spamming 60TP will easily outtrade any other hulldown tank and eventually force it out of it's position.
While the 60TP works best at ridgelines, it also can fight on corners rather effectively. It can sidescrape, better than most other Polish vehicles. However, it still has an exposed turret ring that gets rather easily penned by premium rounds. Because of this, sidescrape only when you're alone, you have to bait a shot and you don't want to lose your HP. Generally it's better just to poke from corners. If you have allied heavies with you, let them take hits if possible. When they are not focusing you or they are reloading - poke, slam them for 750, retreat and reload. After you have done this a few times, then you can simply just use your own big HP pool and just start trading. Your gun gives rather significant fear factor - a 60TP that suddenly comes out from corner will most likely cause panic on the enemy, which may make them miss. Nobody wants to take a hit from a 152 mm gun.
You generally want to focus on targets with poor armor since the penetration is rather lackluster on the 60TP. The caliber of the gun is massive, which allows you to overmatch any armor plate that is up to 50 mm thick. This includes rather significant stuff such as the upper plate (except track links) of the 103B, sides of the Object 257, turret roofs of the opposing 60TPs, and sides of certain US designs such as T110EX-series. The poor HEAT penetration means that the gun somewhat struggles against super-heavies, especially when not at close range. 750 alpha + great HP pools means that you can still out-trade Type 5s like the E 100 can, though. However, E 100 has notably better HEAT, more HP and it takes slightly less HE damage, which means that fighting Types is a bit more challenging with the 60TP. Going to flanks where encountering a super-heavy is less likely is a viable option is harsh match-ups. Keep in mind that the 60TP is rather slow, so relocating can be tricky and crossing open areas is rather risky.
When top tier, the gun is even more brutal - it deals more than 50% HP damage against most tier 8s, and the 60TP won't have issues with penetrating them either. HE shells are hilarious when top tier since they can oneshot some tier 8 LTs and TDs. Keep in mind that LFP is pennable even by tier 8s, however. Because of this, you can't brainlessly yolo them as easily as many other heavily armored tier 10 HTs. One thing to note is that the 60TP is not very heavy and it's not very fast, which makes it surprisingly disappointing at ramming. 60TP is still very powerful when top tier, just because of the brutal gun and great HP pool.
Overall, the 60TP is a versatile tank, especially when you consider it's rather sluggish mobility. It can play both on ridgelines and corners. It can be a frontline tank, but it also can work very well as 2nd-line support vehicle. It has a couple of cool tools such as surprisingly good accuracy and good HE shells, which further improves the overall flexibility of the 60TP.
Overall opinion about the vehicle
I f*cking love it. That's all.
I didn't have high expectations for the Polish branch when it was announced. My interest started to go up a bit when they made the first video about the Polish tech tree. I got truly hyped when the tier 10 was revealed. Something about both the stats and design of the tank was something that made me immediately hyped. I like silly, goofy heavies with bigass guns and I also like to have good gun depression. Not to mention the design is just 10/10 - it looks both awesome and retarded. Oh and it even can meme around with the HE. Absolute perfection.
And then test server came - I wasn't disappointed. I played more than 100 games with the 60TP on test server, and I knew I had to have it as soon as possible on live server. That is exactly why I decided to powergrind this line so badly to the point I even grinded most of the tier 8 during last Friday night like a brainless zombie. Without the 60TP, I most likely wouldn't have grinded the line this quickly. I probably wouldn't have written this review, either.
I find the tank very fun to play and I could just keep playing it forever. Well...that's what I've been doing past few days - I don't think I have touched any other tank outside from platooning. Of course, it can still bring frustration, because of long reload, armor layout, low penetration and ammorack issues. However, it is overall a lot of fun to me. It brings my weird satisfaction of playing a slow, goofy, armored heavy, yet it's surprisingly versatile and consistent. I've been looking for a fun go-to tank to play for quite a while now. O-Ho used to be my favorite go-to fun tank for a long while, but the tier 8 MM is too harsh to the point it's not fun to play anymore unless it's 3x O-Ho platoon or something. I think I finally found a new go-to vehicle to play with. I even slapped a Improved Rammer and Improved VStabs on it.
It's a great tank. It's probably not very good in CW, because it's slow and has weak premium penetration, but if you are looking for a good pubstomper with a bigass gun, the 60TP is a great pick. The way to the 60TP is long and harsh - you have generic and/or crappy lowtiers, almost unplayable stock grinds at the tier 4 and 5, one of the worst tier 6s in the game and tier 8 stock grind that is pretty harsh and also ridiculously long - but it's worth it. For me, it's more than worth it. I would like to give it a higher rating, but I try to be as unbiased as possible. Even then, I think it's definitely a great, strong vehicle.
One of my favorite tanks in the game for sure. I absolutely adore it.
Overall rating: 8/10 (very good)-
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E-100 - Is it worth the grind?

This is going to be a review on the tank line that leads to the German superheavy beast, the E-100. Now, there a few different ways you can get to this tank from Tier IV, but I’m going to focus on the route that I chose. Also just for note I’m a unicum player with about 10k combined battles between my old Xbox 360 days and PS4, so I’m not going to steer you wrong.
Also keep in mind that everyone has different experiences with different tanks. Mine might have been different than yours, so take that into account when reading this. I will also start at Tier IV, because Tiers I-III are insignificant in terms of grinding for a Tier X.
Tier IV – Pz. Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A.
Strengths: Top Speed, Strong Gun, Great APCR Penetration, View Range, Camo
Weaknesses: Armor, Bad Hull Traverse, Slow Reverse Speed, Sluggish Acceleration, Poor Radio Range
Grind Difficulty: Not Difficult. There are quite a few upgrade packages available to this tank, but the XP requirement is not crazy, and the tank can still perform decently well even without the full upgrade. The tank’s sluggish acceleration is accentuated by the stock engine, and all of the guns before the 5 cm will not provide much help on tier V-VI tanks, especially the heavies. But your overall mobility is still good and your view range and camo are good enough to be an effective scout even with the stock tank.
Roles: Scout (Both passive and active), Late-game Flanker
Review: The Pz. Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A. is an extremely underrated scout tank. It’s not as fast as the M3 Stuart or the T-50, and it is slow to turn and slow off the line, but it has the best camo values and best view range of any tier IV scout, making this tank a beast of a passive scout. Run a Camo Net and Binos and you’ll see just how great this thing is at being a passive scout. But it’s not limited to just that role. The 5 cm cannon that this tank carries packs a punch. Not only can it decimate opposing lights, but the premium rounds can even go through Tier VI heavies! This makes a huge difference, whether it’s early in the game and you are sniping from a distance, or it is late game and you have a tank isolated and are out-maneuvering it. I thoroughly enjoyed this scout, and the grind was not too bad after the first upgrade package. Note: Be extremely careful when circling an enemy tank, as your poor traverse can allow some tanks to catch their turrets up to you, even if you’ve tracked them first! Try to be unpredictable, change the direction of your circle, or just take a few shots and then run away, and then come back again from a different angle.
Equipment: Gun Rammer, Binoculars, Camo Net (Passive Scout, Sniping) or Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation, Coated Optics (Active Scout)
Consumables: Repair Kit, First Aid Kit, Large Repair Kit/Large First Aid Kit
Rating: 4/5. This light tank has fantastic camo values and view range. And with its high penetration premium rounds, it can do damage to just about any tank that it faces. The poor hull traverse and acceleration will limit your ability to flank enemy tanks and circle them, as their turrets will eventually catch up to you, sometimes even if you’ve tracked your opponent first. But if you can control the range of your engagements, your camo/view range combination will allow you to fire at your enemies without them knowing where you are. This tank was extremely fun to play for me, probably one of my favorite Tier IV scouts.
TL;DR - Great Passive Scout, Sniper tank with best-in-class camo and view range, decent overall mobility, but poor traverse and acceleration hinder its active scouting ability
Tier V – Pz. Kpfw. IV (H)
Strengths: View Range, Two Competitive Guns, View Range, Camo, Gun Depression, Mobility, HE protection from Spaced Armor
Weaknesses: Armor, Low Hit Points, Front mounted Transmission
Grind Difficulty: Pretty painless. The stock engine is not very good, meaning you will have sluggish acceleration and traverse to start. The first two radios are not very good, but that’s not a big issue. The stock view range is 340 which is actually pretty nice, and the stock gun is the same as the top 75mm, just with a tiny bit less penetration and slightly worse accuracy.
Role: Mobile Sniper, Second-line support tank, Opportunistic Derp Monster
Review: If you’ve had the American M4 Sherman, this tank will play a lot like that. Similar armor characteristics, similar gun selection, similar mobilty, these two are nearly one and the same. The Pz. IV (H) is a mobile, paper-armored sniper. The tank has excellent camo values and good view range for a Tier V medium, allowing it to pick spots to hide and spot for itself while sniping at its enemies. It gets a a great selection of guns to do it with, too. The top 75mm gun provides good penetration, good alpha damage, good rate of fire, and good accuracy. The 105 Howitzer is another viable option. This gun is very similar to the one on the M4, except that it has better accuracy, aim time, and rate of fire. Firing HE rounds out of this gun will result in some very good damage totals when you hit, but you won’t always hit. If you are using this gun, you should aim for weakspots and try to fire at the weakest part of the tank you are engaging to ensure either a full penetration or maximum splash damage. An added bonus of the howitzer is that it will not only always do damage to your targets, but it will also damage modules and kill crew members with nearly every shot. The gun choice is basically either consistent accurate damage with the 75, or derp damage with the 105. I personally use the 105, because at low tier, you will penetrate a lot of tanks and one shot some of them, too. Speaking of one shot, you will get one-shotted a lot in this tank if you leave yourself exposed. This tank has a small amount of HP and even less armor. It is imperative in this tank that you control the range of engagement, because if you get hit, it’s going to penetrate, and it’s going to hurt a lot. One thing that this tank has going for it is gun depression. It gets 10 degrees, and with the tiny turret, you can work ridgelines like a boss and provoke a lot of enemies to shoot at you and most likely miss. Utilize these sniping hull-down tactics to your advantage. The mobility on this tank is rather good. The acceleration is slightly sluggish but the traverse is good, turret traverse is good, and the top speed is good as well. This means you can go to a sniping position, spot some targets, and then get out of there and relocate to a new position easily. The Pz. IV (H) also has some very strategically placed spaced armor both on the sides of the hull and the sides of the turret. This will help soak up HE and HEAT damage, and can protect you from taking large amounts of splash damage from artillery. Don’t think you are safe, though, as a direct hit from any artillery will most likely kill you.
Equipment: Gun Rammer, Binoculars, Improved Ventilation
Consumables: Repair Kit, First Aid Kit, Large Repair Kit/Large First Aid Kit
Rating: 3/5. The grind for this tank is pretty painless, as you can max it out easily. The good selection of guns keeps it fun and competitive, and the mobility and camo/view range combo make it a very good sniper tank. But when it has to play the role of a medium, or it gets backed into a corner, the Pz. IV (H) just gets shredded. Combine that with the fact that one mistake of getting spotted can lead to getting one shot killed by a number of different things, and you have yourself a very one-dimensional tank. If it loses its view range advantage and stays spotted, it will not find any success. This tank can really only snipe and work ridgelines, and even that is dangerous because you are counting on the enemy team to miss your turret.
TL;DR: - Great mobile sniper with a good selection of guns, good camo/view range, great gun depression, hardly any armor anywhere on the tank
Tier VI – VK 36.01 (H)
Strengths: Top speed, Armor thickness, Large HP pool, Good view range
Weaknesses: Each gun has a specific weakness, Armor is flat, Poor acceleration, Poor traverse, Ammo rack and crew prone to damage, weak side armor
Grind Difficulty: Very tough. The VK 36.01 (H) is a horror when it is stock. You will feel like a snail with the stock engine, the stock radio is awful, the stock 75mm gun has okay-ish penetration with okay-ish rate of fire and very low alpha, the stock 105 howitzer just doesn’t cut it when you are seeing VIIs and VIIIs more often. And the stock turret has weak armor. It takes quite a bit of XP to research the top packages, and even then, the grind from a maxed out VK to the Tiger I can be a struggle.
Roles: Sniper, Equal/Lower tier brawler
Review: The VK 36.01 (H) seems like an exciting tank from the onset. If you take this route, it will be your first heavy tank. But this thing just doesn’t perform like you would expect. The armor, while thick at the front, is much thinner at the sides and is completely flat. Meaning you have to angle yourself at about 45 degrees just to make it difficult for your opponents. Even then, most Tier VIIs and all Tier VIIIs are going to go through your armor. And if you overangle your armor, the enemy can simply shoot your thin side armor and go through almost guaranteed. The engine provides little power, giving the VK a terrible poweweight ratio, which means that your acceleration and traverse will be sluggish, and you’re likely to never reach your top speed except on really long flats and going downhill. The view range on this tank is excellent, especially for a heavy, meaning that you can spot most targets for yourself. The gun selection on this tank is very interesting, it forces you to make a tough decision. You can opt for the top 75mm, and retain good penetration, accuracy, aim time, and DPM but then have the lowest alpha damage of any Tier VI heavy. Or you can opt for the 88mm gun, providing a decent amount of alpha, but sacrificing a good chunk of penetration, accuracy, and rate of fire. Both guns have strengths and weaknesses, and both guns will show you their weaknesses at some point in time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bounced rounds off of targets with the 88 that the 75 would have penetrated no problem, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been unable to finish off a target with the 75 that the 88 would have finished off. The VK 36.01 (H) has a lot of HP, only topped by tanks like the O-I and the TOG II. This means that even with unreliable armor, the VK can bully equal or lower tiered opponents and come out on top. To be successful in this tank, you must choose your engagements carefully. If you have doubts about your gun’s ability to penetrate or do enough damage, or you have doubts about your armor being able to hold up, you should probably avoid that engagement. Use your view range and provide supporting fire from the second line or from a good sniping position.
Equipment: Gun Rammer, Binoculars, Improved Ventilation
Consumables: Repair Kit, First Aid Kit, Large Repair Kit/Large First Aid Kit
Rating: 1/5. I did not enjoy playing this tank. It had its fun moments when top tiered and I just smashed the enemy team because their lower tier guns could not penetrate me, but when you are facing equal tiered heavies and anything above your tier, your armor is basically useless and your gun is either not going to penetrate or it is not going to do much damage depending on your selection. The stock grind was one of the more painful ones that I have experienced on the game.
TL;DR – Decently armored heavy with okay-ish gun selection. Good view range, bad mobility, not a good brawler due to armor being unreliable against bigger guns.
Tier VII – Tiger I
Strengths: Large HP pool, Gun penetration, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, View range
Weaknesses: Unreliable armor, Low alpha, easily damaged ammo rack, poor turret traverse, abysmal camo rating
Grind Difficulty: Difficult. Mainly because of the gun. Without the top 88mm gun, the Tiger is very difficult to use. Until you get that 88, you are basically a VK 36.01 that has jumped up a tier. The acceleration will be sluggish, the guns will underperform, the armor is unreliable. The XP requirement for the long 88 is quite a lot, meaning you will have to grind out a lot of games using either the short 88 or the 75mm gun.
Role: Front line support tank, late game brawler
Review: The Tiger is a historically profound tank. It instilled fear in T-34 and M4 Sherman drivers everywhere. Unfortunately, in World of Tanks, the Tiger rarely faces these tanks. Instead, it faces tanks that were designed specifically to destroy Tigers (IS, T29). The armor looks good on paper. It is quite thick, even at the front of the upgraded turret. But the armor is flat. Very flat. This means that unless you angle yourself at about 45 degrees, most tanks that fire at you will automatically penetrate. And at Tier VII, even if you do angle correctly, most tanks will still be able to penetrate you. Knowing this, you need to keep yourself around your allies. Most new Tiger players get excited about having the Tiger and will just throw themselves at the first group of enemies they see, and they die in about 30 seconds. Your armor just can’t deal with the heavy tanks and tank destroyers that you’ll be facing. Hell, tier V tanks can penetrate you frontally. The Tiger has one of the most effective guns in the game with its long 88mm cannon. This gun combines great penetration with decent alpha, great accuracy, and outstanding DPM. So what you can do is use that DPM to put some damage in on enemies while they are focused on your heavier allies. You can also take advantage of tanks with longer reloads, like the IS and the O-Ni, and round a corner after they have fired, put two shots into them, and then back up around the corner before they can fire again. Trade two shots for their 1, and you'll likely come out on top of those engagements. The long 88mm gun is effective against tier VIII tanks, and can even penetrate weak spots of tier IX vehicles. The HP pool on the Tiger I is similar to some Tier VIII heavy tanks, so if you play conservatively, and keep yourself from taking too much damage early in the match, you’ll rack up the damage and be able to bully other tanks late in the game. Your decent mobility, solid gun handling, and great DPM will allow you to win almost any 1v1 situation. Another thing to watch out for in the Tiger is artillery. Artillery players *LOVE Tigers because their HE rounds can hit you for all of your health if they score a direct hit on your side or engine deck.
Equipment: Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation, Coated Optics
Consumables: Repair Kit, First Aid Kit, Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Rating: 3/5. If you’ve been looking for a true heavy tank, best keep on moving. The Tiger does not play like a heavy, it plays more like a medium with a ton of hit points. It has a fantastic gun with great DPM and penetration, so it can rain fire down on enemy tanks. The armor just holds this tank back so much. If you decide to brawl with a T29 or an IS, you will either lose that engagement or you will walk away with a very small amount of hit points remaining. Literally everything can penetrate you. The mobility is okay but not good enough to make up for the lackluster armor. This tank is kind of one-dimensional, in the fact that it can only have good success if it can engage its targets with support.
TL;DR – Big medium tank with lots of hit points, fantastic gun with great DPM/Penetration/Accuracy, very bad armor profile
Tier VIII – Tiger II
Strengths: Gun handling, Accuracy, View Range, Hit Points, DPM
Weaknesses: Unreliable Armor, Sluggish mobility, Easily Damaged modules, Bad Camo/Huge Silhouette
Grind Difficulty: Fairly painless. Even when stock, the Tiger II has the 88mm from the Tiger I, and that gun is definitely serviceable. It won’t penetrate IXs and Xs reliably, and when it does, it won’t do a lot of damage, but when you do find something you can penetrate, the DPM is fantastic so you can rip out a bunch of damage in a short amount of time. The stock engine keeps you pretty sluggish, but the Tiger II is a sluggish tank even with the top engine, so this won’t affect you too much. The stock turret only has 100mm of armor in the front, making it extremely easy to penetrate, even by VIs and VIIs. The second gun gives you an increase to alpha while sacrificing rate of fire and a small amount of penetration and accuracy. The packages are a little costly, but the Tiger II can be competitive stock, and that is what makes the grind easier.
Role: Snapshotter, shot trading, equal-tier brawler
Review: The Tiger II is a very unique heavy tank. It is quite large, with a solid armor profile and a lot of hit points. But it also boasts the most accurate gun on any heavy tank at its tier. With 0.31 dispersion and pretty stellar gun handling characteristics, this tank can snap off shots like a medium. The Tiger II also has impressive view range, meaning that it can spot for itself. Despite its reputation and size, the Tiger II is not the most effective front line brawler. The armor just has too many weak spots that are easy to hit. Peek a boom tactics are only advisable when you are facing a tank that you can out-trade. Side scraping can work, but it is easy to either overangle your weak side armor or not angle enough and expose your lower plate, getting penetrated either way. Hull down tactics can be effective, but the armor plate around the gun mantlet is a flat 180mm, which can be penetrated by all Tier VIII heavies and tank destroyers. The sloped plate above the gun is only 40mm thick, so any gun 121mm or bigger will overmatch this armor. The cupola is also an easily penetrated weak spot, although it can be hard to hit at times. The best way to play this tank is to support your heavies. Let your heavier allies (VK 100, IS-3, etc) lead the charge. Meanwhile, you can use your excellent gun to snap in shots while enemies are reloading. You can also just straight-up bully lower tiered tanks. Just be careful to hide your lower plate and don't give your enemies straight on shots at your side armor. Face-hugging can work pretty well against most tanks. Most people will try and shoot your turret roof, but since you are taller than most tanks, it will be more likely that they will hit your well armored gun mantlet, or your well sloped upper hull armor, or hit an autobounce angle on the turret cheeks. Getting flanked isn't as much of a death sentence on this tank as with other heavies, as its mobility is decent. Traversing the hull and turret at the same time will allow you to keep up with most mediums and even some lights. The top gun has great DPM, great gun handling, and top of class accuracy, with a very healthy 225mm of penetration. After supporting your front line with well-aimed shots, you can use your remaining hit points to bully equal tiered (and even some upper tiered) tanks. Your penetration and DPM will allow you to win a lot of 1-on-1 fights late in the game. Keep in mind that the Tiger II is a massive target for artillery, so choose cover that also protects you from the sky cancer.
Equipment: Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation, Vertical Stabilizer
Consumables: Repair Kit, First Aid Kit, Large Repair Kit (this tank gets its engine and ammo rack damaged a lot)
Rating: 4/5. In my opinion, this and the IS-3 are the best Tier VIII heavies. The gun handling characteristics combined with the DPM and penetration make this thing a fantastic heavy support tank. If you can hide your weak spots and force enemies to shoot at your gun mantlet or your upper hull plate, you can actually bounce quite a lot of shots. The Tiger II can take on any Tier VIII tank in the game and come out on top. A lot of players will try to use this tank as a brawler early in the game, and will get decimated by enemy heavies and TDs due to its unreliable armor. Play this tank like a better armored Tiger I, and you will have a great time in it. You will almost always be able to make an impact in the battle, no matter the tiering.
TL;DR – First true heavy tank in this line with one of the best guns at its tier. Great heavy support tank with somewhat unreliable armor and somewhat decent mobility.
Tier IX – E-75
Strengths: Overall armor, Gun alpha, Fear factor, Hit points, View range
Weaknesses: Mobility, DPM, Gun handling/Accuracy, Turret/Hull Traverse, Camo
Grind Difficulty: Easy. The stock 88mm gun is not useable at this tier, but you should have researched the 105mm from the Tiger II, and that gun is serviceable. It won’t consistently penetrate or do a lot of damage, but it has decent DPM and decent accuracy. The stock turret is the top turret from the Tiger II. Very easy to penetrate weak spots, but unless the player is smart enough to realize that you don’t have the top turret (they look very similar) they won’t even bother shooting at it. Stock engine is weak, but even with the top engine, the poweweight ratio is low. The hull armor is absolutely amazing. As long as you can hide the lower glacis, which is really only a weak spot if not angled, your hull is very difficult for even Tier Xs to penetrate. It takes a lot of battles to get to that monster turret and the beast of a 128mm gun, but the grind to get there isn’t that hard. A stock E-75 is still a pretty decent tank.
Role: Brawler, damage soaker, brawler, brawler, assault tank, brawler
Review: The E-75 is in my opinion (and many others), the highlight of this tank line. The playstyle changes dramatically from what you were used to in the Tiger and Tiger II. This monstrosity has some of the most effective armor in the entire game, with very few weak spots that can easily be hidden or strengthened by angling. The E-75 is a great side scraper, its side armor is extremely thick, as are the tracks. The front of the turret is also quite strong, and can only be penetrated by IXs and Xs firing gold rounds. Even then, they have to hit the small flat armor plate around the gun mantlet. If they hit the mantlet, it’s bouncing. If they hit the turret cheeks, its bouncing. The cupola is somewhat penetrable, but can be hard to hit at times. Similar to the Tiger II, there is a sloped plate right above the gun that has much less armor than the rest of the turret, but it is much harder to overmatch on the E-75. The E-75 is quite a large artillery target, and is vulnerable to it as well. Splash damage will be painful, and direct hits can take large chunks of health away, so it is important to position yourself in cover from artillery. Getting flanked can also prove deadly to the E-75, as its side and rear armor, while formidable, can easily be penetrated by Xs, IXs, and even some VIIIs. And with an abysmal turret traverse speed, it will be hard to take out targets that are circling you. It is important to not allow yourself to be isolated, always make sure you have teammates nearby who can support you. So we’ve talked about the armor, now let’s talk about the gun. The 128mm cannon on the E-75 provides a whopping 490 alpha, which beats every Tier IX heavy other than the Japanese Type 4 Heavy. The penetration is also good, too, at 246, with 311 on the gold rounds. This will allow you to go through most of your targets. The accuracy is not so good, and the gun handling isn’t great either. This means that you will most likely not be able to target weak spots from distance, and you absolutely cannot snipe with this gun. But that’s perfectly fine, because you want to be up close and personal in this tank anyway. At close range, the accuracy of this gun doesn’t really matter. What does matter, however, is the DPM. The E-75 has one of the worst DPM ratings for its tier, because the rate of fire on the 128mm is awful. It is imperative that you choose your shots wisely, and aim well, because you will need about 15 seconds to be ready to fire again. This also means that the E-75 comes out on the losing end of most trading situations. Tanks like the M103 and the T-10 will be able to get two shots in to your tank and fall back in to cover while you will only have fired one. This is the trade-off for having such brilliant front armor. Once again, I will stress the importance of having support. If you get isolated, you just don’t have the mobility or DPM to deal with your targets. You need teammates to either help deal damage or draw fire while you reload. The E-75 thrives in urban/close quarters maps (Ensk, Ghost Town, Himmelsdorf, etc) where it can get stuck in to an alleyway and just sidescrape on a corner. An E-75 playing this way will frustrate almost any player trying to do combat with it. The mobility with the top engine is not great, but better than you would expect for a 100 ton tank. The poweweight ratio is low, but the traverse is actually faster than the Tiger II, and the top speed will allow you to cruise along flats at speeds above 30 km/h. The E-75 also has 400m view range when fully upgraded, allowing you to easily spot for yourself. You’ll find that you will have matches where you completely dominate but won’t have very much blocked damage, but don’t despair. This is most likely because you have presented your armor to your enemies so well, that they aren’t even bothering to fire at you. Cover your lower plate, use side scraping when possible, keep out of sight of arty, and stay within the support of your teammates, and you will be a monster in this vehicle. Enjoy it.
Equipment: Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, Improved Ventilation
Consumables: Repair Kit, First Aid Kit, Large Repair Kit (Some may opt for an Auto Fire Extinguisher, but I prefer the Large Repair Kit)
Rating: 5/5. One of the most fun tanks I’ve ever driven. This thing is an absolute monster in almost any situation. Your armor will frustrate your enemies, and your gun, while low on the DPM side, will punch massive holes in them and take big chunks out of their hit points. When side scraping while having support to prevent flanking, you might as well just run away from an E-75, because you’re not going to be able to do anything to it. Its view range allows it to spot for itself, and the mobility better than you would think.
TL;DR – Super heavy armored brawler with a big gun that takes a while to reload. No longer a supporting heavy like the Tigers, this thing belongs on the front line, but needs support to prevent being overrun or flanked
Tier X – E-100
Strengths: Overall armor, Fear factor, Gun Alpha, Hit Points, View Range, HEAT Penetration
Weaknesses: Mobility, DPM, Camo, Extremely large Silhouette, Gun Penetration
Role: Front-line Brawler, Assault tank
Review: One of the most popular Tier X vehicles, the E-100 is an enormous superheavy German machine that can devastate anything in front of it and laugh while their shells bounce harmlessly off of its ridiculously thick and well-sloped armor. The E-100 is one of the largest tanks in the game, only being smaller than the Japanese heavies and its German counterpart, the Maus. Given that, it has one of the highest HP pools, at 2700. The E-100 also boasts some of the most effective armor in the game. The front hull is extremely thick and very well sloped, the sides are also thick, sloped, and have a large amount of spaced armor covering the tracks. The rear is even quite thick and has a slope to it as well. The turret exhibits the same all-around thickness, but it lacks the sloping. There are some weak points that can be exploited. If you have a shot at any side of the turret with a flat angle at it, there’s a good chance that you will penetrate. The turret ring is also exposed, and while a small target, can be penetrated. The rangefinder bar going across the top of the turret can also be hit. The biggest weak spot on the tank happens to be the lower glacis plate. When not angled, even Tier VIIIs can penetrate. Sometimes even if angled, some Tier Xs can still get through. Angling your armor is extremely important in this tank. You also need to learn how to angle your turret between shots, that way the enemy cannot take shots at the flat plates of your turret. Wiggling your tank and turret is also extremely effective in this tank. Randomly drive forward and in reverse while slightly traversing both your turret and hull left and right. This technique can be difficult to master, but doing so will require the enemy tanks to either get extremely lucky or have very very good aim to be able to penetrate you. Understand that while you are in this tank, you will have gold rounds being fired at you almost constantly and artillery will always be hunting for you. But, if you keep yourself in good cover and angle your armor effectively, you will avoid artillery and bounce the vast majority of shots coming your way. The E-100 is one of those few Tier X tanks that has multiple configurations. You can choose to mount the 128mm gun that is similar to what the Maus and E-75 have, or you can choose to mount the monstrous 150mm gun. Personally, I want that 150mm. The penetration on both guns is similar, and the DPM is low for both of them, so I’m going to use the one that gives me the most damage per shot. If you’re using the 150, know that your AP penetration sucks. Also know that your HEAT rounds are brilliant (334 penetration I think), and your HE rounds are also quite good. Knowing what ammunition type to use on which targets is an important skill to have when driving the E-100. For example, if you’re fighting a T110E5 or a Chieftain, you probably want to stick with your AP rounds, as they will have enough penetration to go through. But if you’re fighting something with flat thick armor like a Maus or a Jagdpanzer E-100 or a Type 5 Heavy, you’re gonna want to switch to your HEAT rounds. If you’ve got shots on something lightly armored, like a Grille 15, WT auf E-100, TVP 50/51, STB-1, etc, go ahead and fire your AP if you’re loaded, then switch to HE rounds. They have enough penetration to go through targets like these, and you’ll be hitting them for roughly 900 instead of 750. The view range on this vehicle is pretty good, like all German vehicles, it can spot for itself. The camo, however, is obviously one of the worst in the game. You will always be spotted, better get used to that. The mobility, obviously isn’t going to be great. You’re in a 150 ton tank. But it’s not nearly as slow as a Maus or a Type 5 Heavy. The E-100 can actually get up to speeds in the mid 20s and sometimes even approach 30km/h on a downhill slope. So how do you play this behemoth? Simple, get to the hottest chokepoint on the map and find a good place that you can dig in and avoid artillery. The E-100 is a legendary sidescraper, so use that to your advantage. Keep yourself in the thick of the fight, because the more shells your enemy is firing at you, the less they are firing at your teammates. Sure, you’ll get tracked a lot, and you’ll probably at least have 2 or 3 shells go through, but if you angle effectively, you’ll bounce that many more. All the while, you are dishing damage back out, 750 at a time, allowing your teammates to stay alive and provide support. Always make sure that you have teammates around, because an E-100 on its own is no threat to a group of tanks. They’ll just wait until you finally take a shot and then swarm you. And with your lackluster mobility and abysmal DPM, you’re probably going to be dead before you even get to take another shot. Wrapping this up, the E-100 is a heavily armored beast, but it requires good play from the driver to work. You must angle your armor effectively at all times, especially your turret. You must have support so that you do not get swarmed while reloading, and you must put yourself in the fight so that you are soaking the damage that would otherwise be going to your teammates as well as dishing damage back out. The E-100 might not be the best Tier X Heavy Tank, and maybe it’s not even close to the best with so much value being placed in mobility, but it is still a very effective and very fun tank to play.
Equipment: Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, Improved Ventilation
Consumables: Repair Kit, First Aid Kit, Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Rating: 4/5. The E-100 is a brutal tank, with outstanding armor and great alpha damage. But the weak spots in the armor can let you down if you are in a bad position or are facing an enemy that has very good knowledge and aim. The mobility is not good enough to allow the E-100 to be versatile in its role. The gun, while providing high alpha, sports poor penetration and a terrible rate of fire. Given all of that, it is still an extremely fun tank to play. It’s a tank that just about anyone can play well and find success in, but can be extremely rewarding to skilled players.
Is it worth the grind? Absolutely. Definitely. Working this line, you get three amazing tanks in the Tiger II, E-75, and E-100. All of them excel in their own way and can be very fun to play. You have to suffer through a few bad stock grinds (looking at you VK 36.01 and Tiger I), but you end up getting some of the best tanks in the game. I would highly suggest that any new players that want to play Heavy Tanks consider going down either this line or the American line first. At least give this thing a try, if it doesn’t work out, well, you still have an E-75 and a Tiger II, and those are two very great tanks in their own right.
Feel free to provide any feedback
Made some edits to the Tiger I and Tiger II reviews due to my own personal learning on the tanks and how I would play them now
submitted by masingo13 to WorldofTanksConsole [link] [comments]

Design a Mission Contest Winners and More!

Howdy ladies and gents!

I want to give a massive thank you to everyone that participated in this contest! We had a wonderful assortment of Mission ideas submitted. There were 49 unique entries, and it came down to whittling away at a list of 8, last night, to get to the final 3. Winners were submitted late last night to WG, so they will hopefully be able to get to them today and get the winners their prizes very soon!

The NA Offices wanted us to remind you that just because you win this contest, that there is no guarantee the mission(s) will ever be put in game. However, they just might be able to inspire missions that will be in the game in the future. If my opinion (and the opinion of the judges) were to count for anything, we'd love to see these missions in game in some form!

Also, a small update on Community Night that will be happening the 29th of December: I got in contact with 1984BigBrother and he confirmed that we will have our special Event Accounts! Well, as long as I don't forget to remind him about 10-12 days ahead. Anyhoo, we are looking at getting 200 of them, and that means we will be able to have some new kinds of fun this time!

Anyhoo, I know you fine folks want to know who won what, as well as their winning entries. As a bonus, because there were so many great entries, I am also posting several honorable mentions that were the judges' favorites that we started parring down to the final 3.



davoscworth wins 1500 Gold + 20x Auto Fire Extinguishers, 20x Large Repair Kits, 20x Large First Aid Kits, BONUS for a Set of missions: 20x Food consumable
Winning Entry:
Mission 1 - I've Been Everywhere Man Mission 2 - Ring of Fire Mission 3 - Folsom Prison Blues Mission 4 - I Won't Back Down Mission 5 - God's Gonna Cut You Down Mission 6 - The Man In Black
Condition: Travel over 5 kilometers in a match Repeatable: 5 Times Reward: J.Cash Token, 5k credits, 5x Remove Speed Governor Condition: Survive a battle where your engine caught on fire. Repeatable: 5 Times Reward: J.Cash Token, 10k credits, 1x Automatic Fire Extinguisher Condition: Kill an enemy tank while being tracked Repeatable: 5 Times Reward: J.Cash Token, 10k Credits, 1x Large Repair Kit Condition: Have a penetrating hit that leaves you with under 10% health. Repeatable: 5 Times Reward: J.Cash Token, 10k credits, 1x Large First Aid Kit Condition: Kill an enemy tank who has at least 3 kills Repeatable: 5 Times Reward: J.Cash Token, 25k credits Condition: Collect 25 J. Cash Tokens Repeatable: 1 Times Reward: 250k credits, 5x 105-octane gasoline, 5x Case of Cola, 1x Enhanced Suspension


Almighty_Johnson wins 1000 Gold + 15x Auto Fire Extinguisher, 15x Large Repair Kits, 15x Large First Aid Kits, BONUS for a Set of missions: 15x Food consumable
Series Name: The Kindergarten Roundup
Mission 1 - Blind Man's Bluff Mission 2 - Pin the Tail on the TD Mission 3 - Red Light, Green Light, 1,2,3 Mission 4 - Freeze Tag Mission 5 - Dog Pile Mission 6 - Kick the Can
Condition: Do damage to an enemy tank that is not spotted at the moment damage is done. (Splash Damage is not counted) Reward: 10k Credits Repeatable: x3/day Condition: Complete Blind Man's Bluff x3. Do damage to a TD in any vehicle type other than SPG when both yourself AND the TD are not spotted. Reward: 15k Credits Repeatable: 1/day Condition: Remain unspotted by an enemy vehicle until the enemy is within proximity spotting range Reward: Small Repair Kit x1, Small First Aid Kit x1, Small Fire Extinguisher x1 Repeatable: x5/day Condition: Immobilize an enemy tank by ramming. Reward: Large Repair Kit x1 Secondary Condition: Allow your allies to do 500hp Damage to tanks immobilized by your ram Secondary Reward: Large First Aid Kit x1 Repeatable: x3/day Condition: Damage an enemy tank by crushing (driving onto the enemy tank) Reward: 25k Credits Repeatable x1/day Condition: Destroy an enemy tank that is unspotted at the moment of destruction Reward: Large Repair Kit x1, Large First Aid Kit x1, Automatic Fire Extinguisher x1 Secondary Condition: Be Unspotted Yourself at the moment of destruction Secondary Reward: Lg Booster, 200% Experience for 2 Hrs x5


NA_PA2 wins 500 Gold + 5x Auto Fire Extinguisher, 5x Large Repair Kits, 5x Large First Aid Kits, BONUS for a Set of missions: 5x Food consumable
Series Name: Directives and You!
Notes: Goal of the Missions is to introduce players to Directives and get them to actively use them in their games. Time Frame - A weekend event
Mission 1 - Getting Started Mission 2 - Learning about Equipment Directives Mission 3 - Learning about Crew Directives Mission 4 - Getting the Hang of This Mission 5 - Advanced Crew Directives Mission 6 - Putting Them to Use!
Conditions - Play a Battle Restrictions - Must be tier IV or higher Repeatable - NO Rewards - 5x Vent Purge directives, 5x Experienced Firefighters directives, 1x Directive Token Pre-Conditions - Have at least 1 Directive Token Conditions - Play 5 battles while using an Equipment Directive Restrictions - Must be tier IV or higher Repeatable - NO Rewards - 25,000 credits, 20 bonds, 1x Directive Token Pre-Conditions - Have at least 1 Directive Token Conditions - Play 5 battles while using a Crew Directive Restrictions - Must be tier IV or higher Repeatable - NO Rewards - 25,000 credits, 20 bonds, 1x Directive Token Pre-Conditions - Have at least 3 Directive Tokens Conditions - Play a battle while using a directive Restrictions - Must be tier IV or higher and top 10 based on xp Repeatable - NO Rewards - 30 Bonds, 5x Increased Focus directives, 1x Directive Token Pre-Conditions - Have at least 4 Directive Tokens Conditions - Play 5 games while using a Crew Directive utilizing the Advanced option Restrictions - Must be tier IV or higher Repeatable - NO Rewards - 5x of each directive, 1x Directive Token Pre-Conditions - Have at least 5 Directive Tokens Conditions - Play a game with a directive Restrictions - Must be tier IV or higher and top 10 based on xp Repeatable - YES Rewards - 1.5x crew xp

The Following Entries were also well liked by the judges, but just didn't quite get the win. We wanted to share these because we thought they were too good to not share. These are in no particular order other than these are the order they were submitted, so I was basically just scrolling down the sheet and copy-pasting for you fine folks.

Submitter: FranAusf
Historic Encounters Part 1 Historic Encounters Part 2 Historic Encounters Part 3
As any of the Pershing Variants destroy a panther 1, panther 8.8 or panther 2. The player must kill thr panther 2 times in total as a pershing. This to re-enact the Panther-Pershing Duel in cologne, Germany. Reward: 5,000 free xp. As a Tiger 1, HT no. 6 or Tiger 131 knockout a total of 15 British veichles. This is to re-enact Micheal Wittman historic ambush in the eastern front. Reward: 7,000 free xp As a any of the sherman variants (M4, Jumbo, Easy Eight, Firefly, Sherman 3, Thunderbolt or Fury) Knockout 15 german veichles. This is to re-enact the american tank ace “abrams” Reward: 7,000 xp

Submitter: Echephyle
The Other Side of the Coin - 30 day time limit to complete
Mission 1 - Heavy Mobility Mission 2 - Painting Targets Mission 3 - The Battering Ram Mission 4 - Stick and Move Mission 5 - Battery Discharge Mission 6 - Mission Accomplished
In a heavy tank, travel at least 2km and destroy at least 3 enemy tanks from any combination of medium or light classes in a single battle, 10 times. Reward: 1 x Improved Ventilation Mk. 3, 1 x Coated Optics, 1x Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 2 In a medium tank, spot 3 enemies and accrue 2,000 assisted damage in a single battle, 10 times. Reward: 1x Coated Optics, 1x Improved Ventilation Mk 2, 10x Food Consumables tied to the nation of the tank completing the 10th rep In a tank destroyer, block 2,000 dmg and cause 2,000 dmg from a distance of 150m or less, 10 times. Reward: 1x Heavy Spall Liner, 1x Large Caliber Shell Rammer, 10x Large Repair Kits In a light tank, cause 1,500 dmg to any combination of enemy Medium, Heavy, or Tank Destroyer classes by firing into their sides or rear from a distance of 150m or less, 10 times. Reward: 1x Improved Ventilation Mk. 1, 1x Medium Shell Rammer, 1x Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 1 In an SPG, destroy an opposing SPG within the first 4 minutes of battle 10 times. Reward: 1 x Large Caliber Artillery Shell Rammer, 1 x Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, 1 x Camo Net, 5x Food Consumable (tied to the nation of the tank completing the mission) Complete all 5 Missions for "The Other Side of the Coin" Reward: 5,000 Bonds

Submitter: Plimpton
Jack of All Trades
Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3 Mission 4 Mission 5
Condition: In a light tank - block damage twice. Tier 6 up Reward: Large Repair Kit, Large First Aid Kit Condition: In a heavy tank - enable allies to cause 1500 damage by spotting or damaging tracks. tier 6 up Reward: 2x Large Repair Kit, 2x Large First Aid Kit Condition: In a medium tank - do 1000 damage from a range of 300m or more. tier 6 up Reward: 3x Large Repair Kit, 3x Large First Aid Kit Condition: In a tank destroyer - travel a distance of at least 1000m and score at least 1 base capture point. tier 6 up Reward: 4x Large Repair Kit, 4x Large First Aid Kit Condition: In an SPG - spot 2 enemies, while remaining un-spotted. tier 6 up Reward: 5x premium days, 5x Large Repair Kit, 5x Large First Aid Kit, 5x Auto Fire extinguishers

Submitter: makalu2k6
Mission 1 - Real Stingers Mission 2 - Monster Grinder Mission 3 - The Doer Mission 4 - The Magnanimous Mission 5 - Three Instincts Mission 6 - The Acclaimed
Real Stingers Condition: Deal 10,000 HP of damage Reward: 10x Large Repair Kits Condition: Earn 7,500 base XP (Should be in top 10 XP earners). After Finishing First Mission Reward: 10x Large First Aid Kits, 10x Automatic Fire Extinguishers Condition: Earn at least 700 base XP 3 times. After Finishing Second Mission Reward: 10x Personal Reserves (100% XP, 1 Hour) Condition: Obtain “High Caliber” award 3 times. After Finishing Third Mission Reward: 10x Personal Reserves (200% Free XP, 1 Hour ; 50% Credits, 1 Hour) Condition: Top XP earner in your team 3 times. After Finishing Fourth Mission Reward: 1 Day Premium + 1 Garage Slot Condition: Be in the top 3 XP earners in your team and win the battle. After Finishing Fifth Mission Reward: Tier 3 Premium tank with Gold Equivalent If already owned.

Submitter: PeaceGirl321
Learn the Modes
Missions are not repeatable. Missions may be completed in any order.
Mission 1 - Make a Friend Mission 2 - Credit Grinding Mission 3 - Play as a Team Mission 4 - Be Special Mission 5 - Boost It Mission 6 - Mission Complete
Requirements: Platoon Tiers 1-5 for 100 games OR Platoon Tiers 6-10 for 50 games Prize: 10k Free XP Requirements: Participate in 50 Tier 6 Strongholds OR participate in 25 Tier 8 Strongholds Prize: 100,000 credits Requirements: Participate in 40 Team Battles OR participate in 20 Advance battles Prize: 200,000 credits Requirements: Participate in 5 Tournament Battles OR 5 Clan Wars Battles Prize: 500 gold Requirements: Activate Personal Reserves and play 5 games OR run premium time and play 10 games Prize: 1x Crew Booster (1-hour), 1x Free XP Booster (1-hour), and 1x Credit Booster (1-hour) Requirements: Complete missions 1-5 once Prize: 1,000 gold

Submitter: Gam20
The Current Meta
Mission 1 - More Daka Daka Mission 2 - Only 5%? Mission 3 - Russian what, now? Mission 4 - Free to Play Game Mission 5 - The Wallet Warriors! Mission 6 - Hallway Scuffle
Condition: Primary: Score more than 30 hits on enemy tanks. Secondary (optional): Achieve at least 80% accuracy and 80% penetrations, survive the battle. Repeatable: once per day for 3 days Restrictions: Tier 5 and below Rewards: Primary: 1 small repair kit and 1 token. Secondary: 20k credits 3 tokens Description: Playing machine gun tanks is fun, but how close do you dare to get? Note: mission is still active if the primary condition is fulfilled, but not the secondary, (like the personal missions) Conditions: Over the course of 10 battles, fire less than 5% gold ammo Secondary (optional): Use no gold ammunition over 10 battles. Repeatable: Once per day for 3 days Restrictions: Tier 8 and above, no SPG's Rewards: 3 tokens, 1x 50% Exp booster 1hr. Secondary: 5 tokens, 1 50% crew Xp booster 1hr. 1 100% free xp booster 1hr Description: Can your really survive in a world of superheavies and weakspots? Note: Mission is still active even if the primary is completed (like personal missions) Condition: Cause 1000hp of damage to USSR or Chinese tanks Secondary (optional): cause at least 4000 damage and assistance combined. Repeatable: 3 times per day for 3 days Restrictions: Must be in USA, UK, FR, Swedish tanks Rewards: 1 tokens, 1 x USSR food. Secondary: 5 tokens, 3x Food of the nation of the tank. Description: Show those Belorussians what the West has to offer! Note: Once the primary has been achieved 3 times, then mission is done for that day. Condition: Kill a premium vehicle Secondary (optional): Kill 5 premium vehicles in one game, survive. Repeatable: 3 per day for 3 days. Restrictions: Random battles only. Rewards: 1 token, 10k credits. Secondary: 3 tokens, 1 day of premium time. Description: You don't need a premium tank to have fun and kill tanks. Note: Secondary mission is active even if primary has been completed (like personal missions). Condition: Kill 3 non premium tanks, survive the battle, Restrictions: Must be in a premium vehicle, using the food consumable Repeatable: Once per day for 3 days. Rewards: 5 token, 1 food of the nation of the tank. Hallway scuffle Condition: Cause 2000 damage at less than 100 m. Repeatable: Once per day for 3 days. Restriction: Tier 5 and higher, can be over multiple battles. Rewards: 5 token, 1 large repair kit, 1 large med kit. Rewards for the Tokens: 20: 3 Auto fire extinguishers, 40: 1x 50% Exp booster 1hr, 1x 50% Crew XP, 60: 1x 50% credit booster 2hr 80: 5x emblems, 5x red, white, blue, green, brown, black and purple paint. 100: 5 days of premium time 120: Tier 3 premium tank (eg, M22 Locust, Pz II D, L-60).

Submitter: creativityfails
Base Strike
Mission 1 - Flag Capture Mission 2 - Base Operations Mission 3 - Deep Strike Mission 4 - Never Surrender Mission 5 - There and Back Again Mission 6 - Perfect Stealth
Win by base capture -Repeatable unlimited Reward: 1.3x exp (to offset the lack of exp by capping) Earn at least 1 base capture point or 1 base defense point -Repeatable 10 times Reward: 1x small repair kit, 1x manual fire extinguisher, 1x small med kit Destroy an enemy SPG -Repeatable 5 times Reward: 5k credits Earn a defender medal -Repeatable 3 times Reward: 5x large repair kit, 5x auto fire extinguisher, 5x large med kit Destroy an enemy SPG and earn at least one base defense point Not Repeatable Reward: 1 day of premium Earn a Raider ribbon (Capture the enemy base and remain undetected during the entire battle.) Not Repeatable Reward: 5 days of premium

Submitter: Remount_Kings_Troop_RHA
Leftovers - Couldn't afford the Wargaming Feast? You can still have a six-course meal when you fight over the leftovers. Complete all six missions to earn your three days of Premium Account time, and find out how the other half lives.
Mission 1 - Appetizer Mission 2 - First Course Mission 3 - Palate Cleanser Mission 4 - Second Course Mission 5 - Dessert Mission 6 - Coffee
Destroy one of the following Tier III Premium Tanks: 43 M. Toldi III, BT-SV, LTP, M22 Locust, M3 Light, Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f), Pz.Kpfw. T 15, or T-127, and earn 1x Buchty consumables. Destroy one of the following Tier IV Premium tanks: AC 1 Sentinel, Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f), T-28E with F-30, or Valentine II, and earn 2x Extra Combat Rations consumables. Destroy one of the following Tier V Premium tanks: Churchill III, Excelsior, M4 Improved, Matilda IV, Matilda Black Prince, Pz.Kpfw. Ausf. K, Pz.Kpfw. T 25, Ram II, T14, Turán prototípus, or Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai, and earn 3x Onigiri consumables. Destroy one of the following Tier V Premium tanks: AC 4 Experimental, Dicker Max, Heavy Tank No. VI, M4A3E8 Fury, M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII, Pudel, Škoda T 40, Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2, SU-100Y, T-34-85M, Tiger 131, or TOG II, and earn 4x Improved Combat Rations Destroy one of the following Tier VII Premium tanks: AT 15A, FV201 (A45), Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger, KV-122, M56 Scorpion, PantheM10, SU-122-44, or VK 45.03, and earn 5x Chocolate consumables. Destroy one of the following Tier VIII Premiums: 112, 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger, 59-Patton, AMX Canon d’assaut 105, AMX Chasseur de chars, AMX M4 mle. 49, AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté, FCM 50 t, FV4202, IS-6, Lorraine 40 t, Löwe, M46 Patton KR, M4A1 Revalorisé, Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71, Panzer 58 Mutz, Primo Victoria, Rheinmetall Skorpion G, STA-2, STG, STG Guard, Strv S1, T-34-3, T-44-100, T-54 first prototype, T26E4 SuperPershing, T26E5, T26E5 Patriot, T34, WZ-111, or WZ-120-1G FT, and earn 6x Strong Coffee consumables.

Submitter: Jarlath_Drake
Note - Jarlath_Drake submitted 3x submissions that were all very similar in theme, just different nations effected. I will show all 3 submissions below.
Allies Evolution
Rationale: New players are usually bombarded with all sorts of missions and the issue of no rewards at lower tiers possible. This mission series is designed to assist in their growth (skills and future tank purchases). Also becomes an exclusive mission that cannot be done concurrently with other missions in set until set you are on is completed.
Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3 Mission 4 Mission 5 Mission 6
Condition: Finish top 10 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier I from USA, UK, or USSR Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 5000 credits Condition: Finish top 10 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier II from USA, UK, or USSR Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 15000 credits Condition: Finish top 8 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier III from USA, UK, or USSR Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 15000 credits, Garage Slot Condition: Finish top 8 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier IV from USA, UK, or USSR Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 25000 credits, Improved Ventilation (Class 1) Condition: Finish top 5 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier V from USA, UK, or USSR Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 50000, Garage Slot (x2) Condition: Finish top 3 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier VI from USA, UK, or USSR Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: Choice of one of the following: M4A3E8 Fury, AC 4 Experimental, SU-100Y (No crew)

Axis Evolution
Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3 Mission 4 Mission 5 Mission 6
Condition: Finish top 10 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier I from German, China, and Japan Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 5000 credits Condition: Finish top 10 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier II from German, China, and Japan Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 15000 credits Condition: Finish top 8 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier III from German, China, and Japan Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 15000 credits, Garage Slot Condition: Finish top 8 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier IV from German, China, and Japan Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 25000 credits, Improved Ventilation (Class 1) Condition: Finish top 5 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier V from German, China, and Japan Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 50000, Garage Slot (x2) Condition: Finish top 3 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier VI from German, China, and Japan Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: Choice of one of the following: Dicker Max, Heavy Tank No. VI, Type 64 (No Crew)

Alternate Evolution
Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3 Mission 4 Mission 5 Mission 6
Condition: Finish top 10 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier I from France, Sweden, Czech, Italy, and Poland Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 5000 credits Condition: Finish top 10 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier II from France, Sweden, Czech, Italy, and Poland Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 15000 credits Condition: Finish top 8 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier III from France, Sweden, Czech, Italy, and Poland Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 15000 credits, Garage Slot Condition: Finish top 8 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier IV from France, Sweden, Czech, Italy, and Poland Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 25000 credits, Improved Ventilation (Class 1) Condition: Finish top 5 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier V from France, Sweden, Czech, Italy, and Poland Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: 50000, Garage Slot (x2) Condition: Finish top 3 by XP on your team, 5 times Restrictions: Must be Tier VI from France, Sweden, Czech, Italy, and Poland Tech Trees, Exclusive (Must be selected and prevents advancement in any other mission) Rewards: Choice of one of the following: Pudel, Škoda T 40, Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 (No Crew)

Submitter: scottynator
Tank Fables
Mission 1 - Thorn in the Lion's Paw Mission 2 - Tortoise and the Hare Mission 3 - Wealth without a Value Mission 4 - Teach your crew Mission 5 - Belling the Cat Mission 6 - Moral of the Story
Condition: Kill a Heavy Tank in a Light Tank (Both must be Tier 5 or higher) (One time completion) Reward: 1x Medium Caliber Tank Gun Rammer, 1x Fable Stamp Condition: Get 3 Kills in a Non-Turreted Tank Destroyer that goes less than 25 kmp/h and survive the battle (One time completion) Reward: 10x 105 Octane Gasoline, 15,000 Credits, 1x Fable Stamp Condition: Don't fire any Premium Ammunition for 3 games in a row (One time completion) Reward: 25,000 Credits, 1x Fable Stamp Condition: Collect 3 Fable Stamps (One time completion) Reward: x5 200% Crew Training Boosters 2 Hours Condition: Be in a Platoon of 3 Light Tanks and destroy a Tank Destroyer of one tier higher (One time completion) Reward: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, 1x Fable Stamp Condition: Collect 4 Fable Stamps (One time completion) Reward: Venting System OR Innovative Loading System

Submitter: MachinGun567
Play a tank destroyer and do at least 1.5k damage. Reward: 1× Food from every nation. Repeatable: 10x per day Lasts: 2 Weeks.

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Personalized homepage: an overview of the markets and your online investment in real time; Tools to manage your portfolio: performance, gain/loss and goals-based investing; Order types that manage risk from the basics to multi-leg option strategies; Exclusive research from TD Securities, video from Morningstar Equity Research and more; Investor education: investing and stock trading resources General Motors is home to Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet. Find the latest news about GM automotive innovations, investor relations and more. Learn about our company’s rich history and dedication to community, sustainability and personal mobility efforts. Open a new TD Direct Investing account and you could be reimbursed for any fees—up to $150—when you transfer funds from another brokerage. 3 To get started, call our licensed representatives – Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm ET at 1-800-465-5463. Explore TD Ameritrade, the best online broker for online stock trading, long-term investing, and retirement planning. thinkorswim Mobile. Your one-stop trading app that packs the features and power of thinkorswim Desktop into the palm of your hand. Analyze market movements and trade products easily and securely on a platform optimized for phone and tablet. ... TD Ameritrade is a trademark jointly owned by TD Ameritrade IP Company, Inc. and The Toronto-Dominion ...

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TD Ameritrade - YouTube

Checkout my video on my Final Verdict for TD Ameritrade! That video will provide download links for my layout! The Verdict is in for TD Ameritrade https://... Charlie goes over how to set up and use TD Ameritrade's ThinkorSwim platform. This is perfect for people who are just beginning to learn about the stock mark... Welcome to TD Ameritrade's YouTube channel, the place to find videos that demonstrate our online trading platforms and technology as well as explain our inve... WWW.THESTOCKSNIPERS.COM We've made every dollar of our $80,000+ Profits trading with LIMIT ORDERS. Alot of people ask us the best way to get in/out of these ... How to buy & sell option trade W/ TD Ameritrade (4mins)